Apex Display Module, Grey 2016 model

1 699 SEK

Det här är en display till din apex. Den är kompatibel med apex Classic samt den nya modellen som kom ut 2016.

Anledningen till varför neptune systems har valt att sälja denna separat är för att man i dagsläget kan använda datorn eller en tex appen Apex fusion på surfplattan eller mobilen. Att styra sin apex genom tex appen via surfplatta eller mobilen är idag superenkelt och rekommenderas starkt!

Vill man inte det så kan man köpa den här displayen och styra apexen därifrån

Mer information om produkten: https://www.neptunesystems.com/product/apex-display-module/


The Apex Display module is a sleek and compact way for your to interact with the Apex Base Unit and control nearly every aspect of your Aquarium.

Mechanical, not membrane keypad

Our Display Module uses high-quality, mechanical buttons. So what you say? Well many devices out there make use of what are called capacitive touch pads. This type of membrane button is just fine for your toaster oven, but in a saltwater environment it is highly susceptible to failure. So, even though the cost to us was higher, we went with mechanical buttons for our Display Module ensuring your product a much longer life.

Adjustable contrast, high-resolution,backlit graphic display

While some may tout the importance of a color display, we disagree. We believe the most important thing for our customers is ease in readability and size of the display. What good is a color display if it is barely larger than a postage stamp. That is why we went with the backlit graphical display we did. It was the perfect match of function and value for our customers.

Built-In Speaker Plays Multiple Alarm Tones

Inside the Apex Display Module is a tiny speaker with a big heart. This speaker will play one of many alarm sounds and tunes that are built into the Apex. These alarms are perfect to alert you of a water leak, over temp, or whatever you condition you desire to program into the Apex.

Multiple Display Module Capability

With the Apex Display Module you are not limited to having just one control panel. With the Apex (as an option) you can add one, two, even three control panels all to the same Apex. And, these are not watered down, smaller versions of the main control panel, all modules will have the same display and functionality.

More information about this product:https://www.neptunesystems.com/product/apex-display-module/