Grotech Macro Alg Reacto

2 499 SEK

MacroAlgae-Breeder (MAB) is an algae refugium in which the macro algae cultivated therein reduce surplus nutrients dissolved in the aquarium water, such as nitrate and phosphate.

By harvesting the algae growing in the MacroAlgae-Breeder, unwanted nutrients are removed from the aquarium water.
The harvested algae can be:
- Disposed of for permanent discharge of nutrients.
- or served algae eating fish as a natural feed, to return the same amount of nutrients previously removed from the aquarium.

Most suitable for use in MacroAlgae-Breeder are e.g. Algae species of the family of red algae e.g. Gracilaria curtissiae or algae, e.g. Chaetomorpha linum.

Incidentally, the MAB also reproduces small crustaceans such as copepods, which, if flushed out through the MAB s outlet, also serve as natural food in the aquarium and are eaten by the fish.

The MAB is equipped with a special algae growth boosting LED tube as a light source and can be operated both in and next to the filter tank. The water is supplied via a hose connection to the central pump of the aquarium or a separate pump (not included), which should flow through the MAB slowly.

Scope of delivery:
- MacroAlgae Breeder MAB 120.
- LED tube (14 W)

For tank sizes up to 400 liters
Size 160 x220 x 500mm
Hose connections 12mm

- MacroAlgae Breeder MAB 180.
- LED tube (18 W)

For tank sizes up to 1200 liters
Size 250 x280 x 600mm
Hose connections 19mm

- MacroAlgae Breeder MAB 220.
- LED tube (28 W)

For tank sizes up to 1800 liters
Size 280 x340 x 600mm
Hose connections 19mm