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3A och 3B är i pulverform och blandas enkelt med RO/DI  vatten.

Core7 är sju gånger mer koncentrerad än den tidigare Base Elementz, och det är inte längre nödvändigt att blanda 10 liter av en lösning.

Super-Concentrated Trace Element Solutions for Non-Triton Methods

Including all major and minor trace elements required for coral growth. These additives have been designed for reef tanks that are not following the Triton Method.

Kits Includes:

Core7 Reef Supplements 1

Core7 Reef Supplements 2

Core7 Reef Supplements 3A

Core7 Reef Supplements 3B


Not designed for use with the Triton Method - If you are utilizing the Triton Method, check out Triton's Original Base Elements or Core7 Base Elements

Triton Core7 Reef Supplements are an ionically balanced, super concentrated dosing system for reef aquariums of all kinds and have been specifically developed for tanks that are not using the entire Triton Method. Replace your current dosing regimen, calcium, or kalkwasser reactor with the simple solutions that include all necessary elements in a balanced formula. 

 Core7 Reef Supplements comes in two different sizes, 1000mL bottles, which is the perfect size for nano tanks, or if you are just starting the Triton Method. Then they also have the 10L kit and is ideal for larger systems and comes in large jugs.

 Mixing Core7 Reef Supplements:

Solution 1 - Transfer contents into a 1L dosing container and it is ready to go!

Solution 2 - Transfer contents into a 1L dosing container and it is ready to go!

Solution 3A - Add 0.5 Liters of RODI water to a 1L dosing container. Add the contents of 3A and top off the container with RODI water.

Solution 3B - Add 0.5 Liters of RODI water to a 1L dosing container. Add the contents of 3B and top off the container with RODI water.

 Dosing Core7 Reef Supplements

Prior to dosing your aquarium's alkalinity should be adjusted to 8 dKH. As a baseline starting dose, Triton recommends 2mL of each component every day per 26 gallons of system water volume. Alkalinity testing should be done on a daily basis for the first couple weeks so that consumption can be adjusted for accordingly. It is recommended not to exceed 2mL per 26 gallons of system water volume per dose, and if more solution is required then multiple doses per day can be administered.

  • Core7 Base Elements uses a 1:1 ratio - for every 1mL of Part 1 you use, you should be using 1mL of Part 2, Part 3A, & Part 3B.
  • We highly suggest using Triton ICP-OES testing to establish a baseline, and for dosing recommendations. 
  • Periodic testing with Triton Labs is highly encouraged to help fine tune your water chemistry. 

 Use with Dosing Pumps

It is highly recommended to use an accurate dosing pump. Due to the super concentrated nature of the elements, it is required to dose into a high flow area of the sump ideally right before the refugium or display tank with a minimum of 5-minute intervals between solutions being dosed. It is also recommended to not dose more than 2mL per 26 gallons of water volume in a single dose.